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What is a gigaliner or supertruck?

A gigaliner or supertruck, also Ecocombi is a truck that can carry more cargo than a regular truck combination.
A gigaliner or supertruck is up to 25.25 meters long and can weigh 60 tons, while an ordinary truck is up 18.75 long and (in the Netherlands) can be up to 50 tons. Because the fuel consumption hardly increases, a gigaliner or supertruck saves in the transport of goods by 4 to 30% of fuel. There are seven possible gigaliner or supertruck variants (see illustration).

Legal status

As of December 31, 2012 the Dutch completed the pilot phase and by January 1, 2013 the use of supertrucks is legal. This means that any transport operator with an supertruck can drive over the released routes and the number of supertrucks is no longer limited. Supertrucks may only take roads that have been released by the Department of Road Transport; these are in any case all highway roads and major thoroughfares. Furthermore released are many business and industrial areas.


The use of supertrucks imposed to many restrictions. For example, a supertruck which is outside the motorway, should only drive on a predetermined route and not be driven there by fog and extreme weather conditions. Supertucks may also not take crossovers where trains drive faster than 40 km / h and residential areas. Also '30'-zone areas are taboo. Supertrucks are primarily intended to drive to and from industrial areas. Gigaliners are not allowed in overtaking other vehicles and the driver needs an extra driver training.

The truck combinations must include:

  • equipped with a mirror equipment in accordance with the latest European regulations;
  • have advanced braking systems;
  • have an axle load measurement system;
  • equipped with a plate on the back showing an outline of the combination and an indication of the height in meters

    Benefits supertrucks

  • More loading meters per load.
  • Ability to carry in one load more material (up to 50% more).
  • Limiting the number of transport movements.
  • Reduction in the total transport costs.
  • Reduction of the amount of CO2.

    Any objections supertrucks:

    • Fear of other road users to monstertrucks
    • Load Loss for rail / barge / short sea
    • Road safety could be compromised

    Advisor or consultant supertrucks or gigaliners

    Are you looking for an advisor, consultant or even an interim manager with expertise in the development of supertrucks? I have more than 20 years’ experience in worldwide transportation and technical experience to develop these trucks. For an appointment please contact me.

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