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Van der Meer Logistic Consultancy is as an transport consultant and interim manager specializing in all phases of the supply chain

What is green and durable transportation?

To adopt measures which not only bring cost savings, but simultaneously reduce environmental impact, we call green and durable transport. Examples of this is to fit for vehicles for the use of LNG, use lighter materials to build trucks and the reduction mileage. Lean and Green is a distinctive network for efficiency and durable mobility.

Benefits green and durable transportation

• Better proposition for big clients
• Creation of social support
• Reduce costs by less mileage
• Better Environment and Climate

Gigaliners or supertrucks

A LZV also Ecocombi or gigaliner is a truck that can carry more cargo than a regular truck combination. A LZV is up to 25.25 meters long and can weigh 60 tons, while an ordinary truck is 18.75 long and (in the Netherlands) can be up to 50 tons. Because the fuel consumption hardly increases, a gigaliner saves in the transport of goods from 4 up to 30% of fuel

LNG and Duel-Fuel as Fuel

Liquefied / liquid natural gas, abbreviated to lng, also called liquefied natural gas, is a mixture of predominantly methane with possible residual gases, such as nitrogen, propane and ethane.

The volume of LNG is about 600 times smaller than that of natural gas. This volume reduction is significantly greater than for compression to CNG. Although small-scale LNG is also used as fuel. In this case, the LNG used in the vehicle, is first evaporated to natural gas that is used as fuel.

The energy density of LNG is about 60% that of gasoline and diesel, but at burning produces fewer harmful emissions than these fuels.

Driving on natural gas (CNG)

CNG is the English abbreviation for compressed natural gas, translated into Dutch as a gas under pressure. CNG is typically made by compressing natural gas with the aid of a compressor to a pressure of approximately 200 bar.

CNG is mainly used as a vehicle fuel. It is also sometimes temporarily stored compressed natural gas in order to serve as a buffer stock. CNG as a vehicle fuel is an alternative to petrol or diesel. In comparison with these fuels, a CNG vehicles produce less fine particles and NOx. However, natural gas is still a fossil fuel, and therefore is not really durable. However, natural gas (methane) to facilitate preservation by replacing it with the methane from the biogas. CNG provides compared to gasoline a reduction in CO2 emissions by 20 to 25%.

Compared to diesel is the reduction in CO2 emissions 9%. In the Netherlands, we usually use green gas.

Lean and Green Award

Lean and Green is an incentive for businesses and government. It encourages organizations to grow to a higher level of durability, by taking measures that will not only bring cost savings, but simultaneously reduce environmental impact.

If an organization with a action plan can demonstrate that it can achieve 20% CO2 reduction in five years, they are eligible for the Lean and Green Award. Organizations that have actually achieved their 20% CO2 target, received the Lean and Green Star as a symbol of achieving their Lean and Green ambition. Lean and Green let organizations show that they actively endeavor to make their process more durable mobility. And that's something to be proud of.

Lean and Green consists of the pillars Lean and Green Logistics (freight mobility), Lean and Green Personal Mobility (personal mobility) and Lean and Green Barge (inland in the container supply chain).

Companies that offer a product or service that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and cost savings may qualify for the designation Lean and Green Tool.

Advisor or consultant green and durable transport

Are you looking for an advisor, consultant or even an interim manager with expertise in green and durable transport? I have developed and organized for more than 20 years worldwide transportation and high-level green and durable traffic lanes. For an appointment please contact me

We can also assist you with transport and logistics of:

  • Abnormal Loads
  • Benchmark Transport
  • Break Bulk
  • Construction Equipment
  • Contracts
  • Flatbeds
  • Heavy lift Cargo
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Heavy Transport
  • Hiab Crane
  • Low Bed Transport
  • Low Loader
  • Mobile cranes
  • Modular Trailer
  • Offshore Logistik
  • Onshore Projects
  • Out of Gauge Cargo
  • Permits heavy transport
  • Pilot Cars
  • Porthandling
  • Procurement
  • Project Cargo
  • SPMT 
  • Tender
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