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Why interim managers should be innovative in order to be successful!

To join a music band you have to be capable of doing 2 things: play your instrument well and work cooperative in a team. If you can do both, you probably end up in a cover band, playing famous songs to a local crowd. You might change the repertoire once in a while, but in the end not a lot will change this picture. For most of us this is no problem, but even a preferred situation. It feels comfortable playing the same set of tunes every week for more or less the same crowd.

In today’s business many of us fit this picture. We call these ‘musicians’ workers, managers, you name it. We all blend in more or less perfectly, we all play songs together. So far so good for most of us.

Write your own music

But what if a music band could write its own music? Developing its own unique style? Knows how to distribute this unique musical flavour to the public? Suddenly the band is being recognised as authentic and original, and some people really like what they hear and see. Sometimes just being different will do the job. The band creates own fans, followers and the number is growing as time passes by. In the end the band may even become famous worldwide. The trick at the end of the day? Just one word: innovation!

From interim managers we expect to change culture, save money, and do all the things regular managers can’t or won’t do. They have to be different by definition in comparison to employed managers. They have to stand out from the crowd. They are expected to write new sounds and songs each time they start a project.  It’s really that simple.

Difference between interim managers

I have been talking to dozens of interim managers worldwide. You could basically split them in two categories: Successful, well paid interim managers who get projects offered and interims who have to search for projects each time. What makes the difference between the two groups?

Reasons for success

Let’s talk about the successful group. First of all they might be more ambitious. After each project, they want to move up. They accept that if stakes are higher, the risks increase as well. They develop themselves as they move on.

Secondly they are not afraid of stepping into the dark, take bigger risks. They know when they should fall, they will find a way out. I have spoken to many of them: they all jumped in wild rivers before they got where they are today. In order to grow in your business, you have to make big steps once in a while, skip stair treads!

Thirdly they all have a distinct vision towards their profession, which usually contradicts slightly with the common opinion. They like to challenge the edges of what is normally considered as common, provoke a little know and then. They know how to get along with all levels of management, acting as being the ‘ideal neighbour’. You both can drink a beer, but also talk high level business.

Fourthly they usually are perfectionists.  What they deliver is well thought over, doesn’t contain mistakes and is recognized as professional. They don’t get in late, forget a meeting or get sloppy once

How to get quick results

So, how can we start being successful in this interim world? Well, start with your LinkedIn-profile. Where is your vision? Can someone who doesn’t know you, read your CV and understand immediately what you have been doing the last few years? Don’t forget low hanging fruit like your photo, company logo’s. Your profile on the internet is your business card!

Reach out to the crowd

What do you do to reach out? Are you waiting for someone to give you a ring one day? Then you might belong to the unsuccessful category. You have to establish a network, an audience, make it worthwhile to follow you. Act like a successful football player, make people aware of your successess. It’s that simple.

Your CV is your brochure

Your CV is usually the only thing potential customers will see before they make a decision to either invite you or not. This is underestimated by many of us even worldwide: a lot of people mess up their first impression by sending over poor composed Word-files which they call CV.

Your CV is your brochure, you major selling tool. It should be State-of-the-Art, even better than perfect! The receiver should say: Wow, great, when they open up your document. This guy goes into the ‘yes’-pile!


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