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Tendering year over year will kill your business!

Tendering is a marvellous instrument to get best prices out of the market. But if this method is used all the time, year over year, your company might easily lose its credibility creating even higher rates in the long run.

I recently saved more than half a million euro by rescuing a major company from this process. It took a lot of courage to convince senior management by explaining they were choking their own business without knowing it.

When you decide to look for new business partners, tendering is a fair and open instrument. If done properly your tender is distributed widely and enough time has been invested in the correct selection criteria of suppliers.

Besides that, your tender should not only request quotes, but you need to include a chapter quality, continuity and environment. When these parts are forgotten this will often be regretted later.

I have spent more than 20 years playing both seller and buyer cards. I have seen big corporate companies issuing tenders through crappy spreadsheet files, buyers sending out emails with confidential information, disclosing accidently all suppliers etcetera. Issuing tenders is a very delicate process and should be done with utmost care.

I offer a wide variety of tender management service. With my special in-house designed en developed tendering software I meet up all executive buying levels. I generally work for companies on a worldwide base, my tendering systems are used to handle data on global level.

The process of issuing tenders is not standardized. Standards do not do the job, customization is the answer. And for the best results you’ll need fresh ideas. One of them, I think, is my personal audit service. Someone might have the winning bid, we will send people with the right knowledge to check if all parameters and requirements are met.

You want to get out of the big squeeze and save millions? Please feel free to contact me for more information. Extensive documentation of our tendering programme is available on request.

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