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Logistic Consultancy
Van der Meer Logistic Consultancy is as an experienced consultant and interim manager specializing in all phases of the supply chain

Workshop Turnaround Marketing

What's your answer to low prices?

How do you escape from the BIG SQUEEZE?
I can help you develop new marketing strategies, where to find new customers and more important: How to sell your product to them.
In my workshop we will do a quick bench mark and determine where your chances in the market today are. And we will find them, believe me.

In my workshops the following topics can be chosen:

• Quick scan and benchmark your current situation
• Commercial appearance of your business, cross selling possibilities
• Selling through Social Media, Facebook, Linked-In and Xing
• How to present your company on the Internet
• How google and thus customers will find your site
• Turnaround sales and marketing, customer focused working
• Profit and loss calculations of your customers
• Commercial training of your sales team and other office workers
• Build pricing structures of your transportation and cost price models
• Credit management and financial advice
• Cold acquisition and other new forms of finding new customers
• How to use CRM systems and Newsletters
• Quotations, Tenders and contracts, how to win them

Your are interested? This is how we move on:

• You can call me anytime on + 31 6 46 84 23 31 or email me at info@interim-xl.com to discuss your business case
• Together we will select topics for your workshop, based on your current needs
• We will define objectives and desired outcomes that will fulfill your needs
• I present a detailed project plan for the in company workshop
• We create a contract with a confidentiality clause

How do I organize the workshop at your company?

• Since we have to trust each other, we first set a meeting to get to know each other
• I typically plan this in the afternoon on the arrival at your company
• The next day we start with the workshops with your selected people

How much does this workshop cost?

• Travel and accommodation costs are based on actuals
• The hourly rate is € 130 or $ 170 per hour. A day rate is calculated at 8 hours

In which country the workshop can be organized?

• West Europe, Germany, France, Holland and Belgian: a minimum of 2 days
• Rest of Europe: a minimum of 3 days + 1 day paid for travel
• USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Middle East: a minimum of 4 days + 1 days paid for travel
• Asia, Russia, Gus states, a minimum of 4 days +1 days paid for travel


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